Staying in Touch

Staying in Touch

Happy Kids are visiting MVT

Kids are visiting


If you live far from your children and grandchildren, you know it can be a challenge to stay in touch. But with a little energy and planning you can stay connected to loved ones across the miles.
Technology is a good friend to grandparents. FaceTime and Skype are easy ways to see and be seen in real time. If the kids are little (and prone to running away or turning off the phone!), schedule a call when they’re in the bathtub or high chair.
Find ways to keep their attention, for example by reading or telling a story. Some talented grandparents break out musical instruments and treat the kids to a mini-concert. Don’t be disappointed if young children are distracted and don’t feel like talking. Sometimes it’s fun to just watch them play. Encourage parents to give older kids the device. Let them “walk you around” to see a project they’re working on, something new in their room or just sit and gab.
Digital picture frames are a great way to see photos of what everyone’s been up to. And of course, emailing and texting photos are easy and immediate. Browse the internet to check out the many websites and apps geared to grand parenting.
There are many non-digital ways to stay connected. Consider these:
Put a stamp on it. Kids of all ages love getting a card or letter in the mail. Add a clipping, recipe, photo or a sheet of stickers to the envelope.
Help with homework. With a little lead time, you can be prepared to lend a hand to the grandkids (and their parents). It’s a great way to bond and brush up on school skills.
Make a regular phone date with older kids. This gives you both something special to look forward to. Pick a time you can both feel relaxed and enjoy the time together.
Living near grandchildren is a joy. But it’s not a reality for millions of families. The good news is that technology and creativity can help you stay connected.

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