Meet the Director


Our Executive Director came from humble beginnings and worked long and hard to succeed in her own right. With countless challenges along the way, Rita focused on her career, raising a family, and being involved in her community. Working much of her career as an Operations Manager, she has gained unparalleled experience in the Accounting world in the last 23 years. Rita honed her business skills and learned to manage many tasks to grow the organization she worked with so that it prospered.

She oversees the complete operations of our beautiful facility at Mount Vernon Towers and has played a vital role in controlling expenses and building the reserves. Rita is passionate about providing a more significant experience in the residents’ lives and knows many, if not most, MVT residents, owners, and their families. In addition to her primary job functions, many would agree that Rita has an extraordinary commitment to the Towers. When asked why she loves the Towers, Rita stated, “it’s like having the family that I never had,” and “having a large family at that.” Rita has two daughters and two granddaughters whom she adores. As a sports enthusiast, you will most likely find her watching football or cheering on the Atlanta Braves when she isn’t busy running around here at a fast walking speed.


Rita Malone

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