Meet the Board

Brian Greenberg: Non-Resident Owner, Chairman

Brian Greenberg has an extensive background in Financial and Business Operations in the Corporate environment. His personal goal is to be an inspirational leader identifying creative solutions to challenging issues. Further, he sees his role as helping MVT to secure long term financial sustainability and insure financial stewardship as well as laying the groundwork for the enjoyment, safety and security of all residents, owners, and employees.

Scott Carriere: Non-Resident Owner , Vice Chairman

Scott Carriere has and is a vital asset to MVT during the past years. Given his engineering and builder development background, he has worked hard to help bring MVT into the future in areas such as developing committee mission statements and goals overseeing major updates in common areas and residential floors, advising maintenance and management about preventative actions to secure the building’s integrity as well as advocating strong financial management and increasing MVT cash reserves each year.

Janice Adams: Resident Owner, Treasure/Secretary

Janice Adams is a retired management employee of AT&T, with 46 years of service.  Her vast experience has been in Human Relations, Customer Service, Managing Personnel, Process Management, and Training. Janice and her husband Scott have been living at MVT for over three years. Janice led the Nomination process for 2020 and was Chairman of Communication during 2021.  Her goal is to strengthen communication between the board, management, and owners for total transparency and to work with the city of Sandy Springs to enhance the facility to match the renovated surrounding area.

Jerry Bauer: Resident Owner

Reid Horne: Resident Owner

Reid Horne is a property developer in the South. He is well respected and continues to develop key properties today. His development and continued interest in senior living properties is very important to MVT as we assess our own future. Although we Georgia Alumni may have our prejudices, he is a distinguished Georgia Tech graduate, a retired Capitan from the US Army, and a former partner of Cecil Day developments. What an incredible and relevant history. He is a man of few words, yet when he speaks we all listen. Reid Horne brings fundamental solid principals to the MVT Board and community.

Rita Malone: Executive Director

Rita is passionate about providing a more significant experience in the resident’s lives and knows many, if not most MVT residents, owners, and their families. In addition to her primary job functions, many would agree Rita has an extraordinary commitment to the Towers. When asked why she loves the Towers, Rita’s stated, “it’s like having the family that I never had,” and “having a large family at that.”