Dining Room Renovation

dining room renovation

Dining Room Renovation

dining room renovationMount Vernon Towers is renovating its dining room!!! It’s an exciting endeavor. Residents are eager for new digs, and the renovation team is incredibly thankful for their patience during the transition.

Spearheaded by the ideas of Steve Hamilton and managed by a local contract, Angee Baker McAfee, the dining room renovation is a huge undertaking. The biggest change: Mount Vernon Towers is transitioning from buffet style dining to restaurant style dining. The kitchen is being transformed to state of the art preparation equipment and the dining room is undergoing a makeover. Fresh colors and vibrant, comfortable dining chairs. A much beloved resident who was a commercial interior designer for one of the most prestigious design firms in Atlanta, is spearheading the quest to find comfortable and beautiful dining room chairs. Residents with high end real estate and design experience are helping with decorations. The entire team is developing the desert bar, possibly the main attraction to come.

Mount Vernon Towers is thrilled to be embarking on such a crucial remodeling endeavor. Dining is where our residents share their lives, share their stories, and listen to laughter and sometimes heartaches of those around them. Our goal is to continue the tradition, but in updated environs. We are proud to be working on behalf of the community and, again, thank all residents for their patience during this time.

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