Cheers! Drink to Your Health – with Water

Cheers! Drink to Your Health – with Water


December – the month of champagne and eggnog, as well as a fancy cocktail or two at yet another holiday party. And don’t forget to toast to your and your loved ones’ health with a nice glass of Burgundy at Christmas dinner!

However, if you’d really like to toast your good health now and in the future, remember to drink your daily-recommended amount of between nine and sixteen (9 to 16!) cups of water. There are many reasons why health professionals favor water over any other beverage, such as:

Energy – did you know that one of the most common symptoms of dehydration is being tired? Water is much better than coffee to give your energy level a boost.

Fluid balance – about 60% of our bodies are made of water. We need to replenish our body’s fluid levels on a regular basis.

Kidney health – our kidneys need water to process up to 50 gallons of our blood on a daily basis to eliminate waste and clear out what our body does not need.

Muscle fuel – if your muscles do not get enough water, they get tired. In turn, muscle fatigue may cause you to stumble and fall – never a good option.

Prevent pain – another symptom of dehydration is when you feel every little ache and pain. When you do not drink enough water, every day, muscle cramps, headaches and strains are much more common.

Living your best life includes drinking the right amount of cool, clear water. It will help keep your body at its peak. At Mount Vernon Towers, we also take special care to provide healthful, varied menus – every day! Eating right, like drinking right, is a fundamental part of overall wellness, and we follow national USDA guidelines that recommend eating natural foods, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

To learn more about living well at Mount Vernon Towers in Sandy Springs, one of Atlanta’s most desirable and convenient neighborhoods, please call to schedule a personal tour: 404-255-3534.

The senior living community offers a number of different floor plans, a variety of activities and social events, excellent, healthful dining and 24-hour security, as well as a 26-bed personal care community.

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