Gear Up for a Fresh Start at Mount Vernon Towers

Gear Up for a Fresh Start at Mount Vernon Towers


Once you’ve made the decision to move to Mount Vernon Towers, the independent senior living community in the heart of Sandy Springs, you’ll probably start thinking about how you wish to approach the sorting and cleaning process known as downsizing.

When you’re moving from your home where you’ve lived a long time, you’ll be faced by having to go through a lifetime collection of things – some that are of historical value, some that represent dear memories, but also lots of bulky or outdated items that no longer need to be kept.

Here are some great tips from Suzanne De Vita in RISMedia to get started on downsizing your home in order to de-clutter and prepare for the move to a more efficient condominium in Mount Vernon Towers:

  • Plan backwards from moving day – start downsizing three months prior.
  • “Only Handle It Once” – stick to the OHIO rule.
  • Scale back collections – pick favorites or assign a limited space.
  • Donate as much as you can, and purge duplicates.

To read her full article, please click here.

By moving to a smaller home, like one at Mount Vernon Towers, seniors can save a lot of money in utilities, taxes and maintenance. By downsizing in an organized and timely manner, you can save your spouse, partner and heirs a lot of work.

If you are ready to move to a comfortable, convenient and spacious condominium in Mount Vernon Towers, please contact Curt Frinkle at (404) 255-3534 for a private tour.

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