The Upsides of Downsizing

The Upsides of Downsizing

upside-of-downsizingWhen you are starting to think about moving out of your home that has grown too big or requires too much day-to-day maintenance, and maybe when you are considering to move to a smaller one- or two-bedroom condominium in the senior community of Mount Vernon Towers, you may want to start thinking about how to approach that dreaded – but necessary – chore: downsizing.

Many people who have lived in their homes for an extended period of time have accumulated many things – some that have historical value, some that represent dear memories, but also many large, bulky or outdated items that no longer need to be kept and that could really benefit or bring joy to others at this time.

This article in lists twelve steps to downsizing success:

  1. Start now
  2. Understand the target – what is the size of your new home?
  3. Determine a time-table – and do a little at a time
  4. List what you have that you absolutely cannot part with
  5. Determine how you are going to distribute your stuff to your loved ones
  6. Decide what will fit style-wise in your new place
  7. Face reality about values
  8. Make a decision on how to get rid of the stuff you are not taking
  9. Tread lightly with family history
  10. Figure out how you are going to get your stuff to the new location
  11. Let it go – if you haven’t used it or looked at it in two years, let it go!
  12. Don’t leave downsizing to your surviving spouse or children.


By moving to a smaller home, like one of the beautiful condominiums at Mount Vernon Towers, seniors can save a lot of money in utilities, taxes and maintenance. And…by downsizing in an organized and timely manner, seniors can save their spouse, partner and heirs a lot of work.

If you are ready to downsize and move to a comfortable, convenient and spacious condominium in Mount Vernon Towers, the top retirement community in the heart of Sandy Springs, please contact Curt Frinkle at (404) 255-3534 for a private tour.

About Mount Vernon Towers:

Mount Vernon Towers is an established senior condominium community in the heart of Sandy Springs, one of Atlanta’s most desirable and convenient neighborhoods near world-class hospitals, major traffic arteries, great shopping and a variety of restaurants. It offers a number of different floor plans, a variety of activities and social events, excellent dining and 24-hour security, as well as a 28-bed personal care community: Sandy Springs Assisted Living.

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