Mount Vernon Towers – Just Like Home

Mount Vernon Towers – Just Like Home

Since moving to Mount Vernon Towers, it has been a relief for many residents that they no longer have to worry about ongoing home repairs, yard work, maintenance and picking out new carpet or curtains. They know that all those concerns are taken care of by the management team – all the time.

Living in a nicely furnished and well-maintained community ranks high with prospective buyers as well.

“We want Mount Vernon Towers to feel like home – well-taken care of, fresh and welcoming. We are fortunate with our great building maintenance team – they can solve any building issues, large and small. They also take care of all our systems, like plumbing and HVAC. Of course, we refurbish and refresh our public areas on an ongoing basis – just like you would do at home,” says Tommy Miller, Executive Director of the independent living community for seniors in Sandy Springs.

“Sometimes, the residents here call me their Project Manager,” he continues. “For instance, this summer we have been doing some major work on our Sun Porch and we have installed some beautiful new landscaping. There’s nothing that brightens up the exterior of your home more than a well-groomed, colorful and luscious garden – and this landscaping project really has delighted our residents and our visitors. We’re even going to have a gazebo!”

Miller is aiming for the Sun Porch renovations to be completed well in time for the Mount Vernon Towers Town Hall Meeting on September 5. “I know how delighted our residents and staff will be with the Sun Porch’s fresh new look – it will be ready for a whole new set of our famous special events and parties at Mount Vernon Towers.”

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