Upcoming Events At Mt. Vernon Towers

Upcoming Events At Mt. Vernon Towers

Looking for something to do? Check out our September calendar.

LOTS going on at Mt. Vernon Towers as Fall comes a callin’. Be sure to take advantage of everything you think might be fun. Highlights include:

  • Homecoming Party on September 18
  • Braves game on September 19 (tickets $35)
  • Music from 8Up with Dixie on September 20
  • Octoberfest, Couples Club on September 23
  • Special Saturday Music with Brady and Tish on September 28
  • Thursday movie
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • Bible study and religious services
  • Music
  • Bingo and other games
  • Theater
  • Newcomer lunches
  • And numerous visitors with special presentations.

And don’t forget that the MVT Bus goes to grocery stores, banks, medical appointments, dry cleaners, and other errand destination every day. Check the schedule to see when.

One of the great advantages of living at Mt. Vernon Towers is that you can stay very busy, or just relax, depending on your preference. And if you decide you want to do more, there’s always something new.

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