“Life Hacks” For Mount Vernon Residents

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“Life Hacks” For Mount Vernon Residents

It’s a word you’ll hear from your grandkids:  a “hack” is a way to make something easier. There’s even a website called lifehacker.com that gives you tips on ways to make any number of things easier, from getting to sleep to how to navigate an airport.

So we thought it might be fun to give our residents a few hacks that could be especially useful for seniors. Here are a few:

  1. Why buy an expensive ice pack? Use a frozen sponge in a ziplock bag.
  2. The camera in your phone isn’t just for taking photos of grandchildren. Use it like a copier when you need a record or something. Snap photos of your prescriptions so you don’t have to carry the bottles with you for refills. If you let a friend borrow something, take a quick picture so you’ll both remember what was borrowed and who has it.
  3. Have some rugs in the kitchen that slip? Use some double sided tape to keep them from moving. You can pull them up easily for cleaning, but they won’t be a fall hazard anymore.
  4. Have trouble hearing your alarm clock? Set the alarm on your phone and put it in an empty glass near your bed. The glass amplifies the sound—and makes it more annoying.
  5. Do you get cold in restaurants or other public places, but find carrying a sweater inconvenient? Bring a big shawl instead. It can keep you warm but also protect you from the sun if you’re outside for a long time.
  6. Don’t crawl under the sink to get cleaning supplies. Instead, get a hanging shoe rack for the back of a door and keep your supplies there.
  7. Worried about staying hydrated? Put marks on your water bottle so you know your drinking consistently throughout the day.

Got some “hacks” of your own that you’d like to share with other Mount Vernon residents? Let us know and we’ll include them in future posts.

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