Gentle Exercises To Help With Arthritis

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Gentle Exercises To Help With Arthritis

It’s something many Mt. Vernon Towers’ residents struggle with: arthritis. The pain and stiffness can be a real hinderance to daily activity, and while medicines help, a little simple exercise can also go a long way toward making you more comfortable and mobile. Here are a few suggestions for exercises that can be done daily (almost anywhere) to help with arthritis:

Hand exercises. Many people notice arthritis most in their hands. Simple hand exercises can help. Slowly open and close your hands, making a fist. Then open your hands wide and stretch them. If you can make an “O” with your fingers. Repeat these several times and you may find your hand stiffness lessened substantially.

Walking and Stretching. You can walk almost anywhere, and Mt. Vernon Towers has lots of places for taking a stroll. Combine your walk with a few stretching exercises, and you’ll feel much better and more limber.

Water Exercises. Water reduces stress on joints, and the resistance is good for building strength and cardiovascular health. Take a look at schedules for water exercise classes that could fit into your schedule.

Light weights. Strength training with light weights can make you more powerful—and more flexible. Look for a class, or just create a daily routine in your own home.

Yoga. If you’re up for it, yoga is an excellent way to dramatically increase your flexibility and joint comfort in a short amount of time. The flowing movements don’t place a lot of stress on joints, and encourage stretching. Note: We also have a chair yoga class that’s good if you don’t think you could do everything.

As in call cases, we recommend checking with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. But one of the best things you can do to alleviate arthritis pain is to get moving, even just a little.

You will feel the difference.

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