How Mt. Vernon Towers Residents Can Capture Memories For Future Generations

How Mt. Vernon Towers Residents Can Capture Memories For Future Generations

All Mount Vernon residents have great stories to tell; in fact, one of the great things about living here is sharing experiences with other interesting people.

But how do you preserve those memories for future generations? You probably already do things that will ensure your family can treasure your stories and accomplishments and pass them down to others. But you may find that you can preserve more if you get a little more organized. Here are some tips:

Scrapbooking. This can be an elaborate hobby—or a very simple one. The result is the same: many family treasures are collected into one place where they can be viewed by you or groups of loved ones. You can spend time with family recalling stories and helping them understand your life. It’s a simple and effective way to make sure memories are passed on.

Photo albums or digital photo collections. A box of photos is fun, especially if you’re there to tell people the stories behind the images. But a photo album or a digital collection of photos can help you add context to images if you’re not around. Write a couple of notes about each image—what was the occasion? Who were the people—and you’ll keep memories going forever.

Videos. You might not have thought about this, but with a phone or a camera, it’s easy to do videos. Tell your stories and pass them on. You can even get children or grandchildren involved—they can be directors and producers.

Write a memoir. This is great mental exercise. And while it sounds daunting, break it up into small, easy-to-do pieces. Write one story or memory down every day. In no time, you’ll have a great collection—in your own words—that your grandchildren’s children may someday read.

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