Five Great Senior Websites For Mount Vernon Residents

Five Great Senior Websites For Mount Vernon Residents

Want some suggestions on websites that are especially great for older people? Mount Vernon Towers has some ideas.

You’ll find these online locations informative, helpful, and fun.

A health information source you should check out is the National Institute of Health’s Senior Health website, This was developed by the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Science, and is filled with great information on numerous health issues. Because the focus of the site is on seniors, you may find facts that are more pertinent to your personal health questions and concerns.

If a line like “the gene pool could use a little chlorine” makes you smile, you might enjoy, a website that features articles on any number of aspects of senior life, plus lots of humor to help you enjoy your later years. Articles cover a lot of different topics with candor. You’ll find the site refreshing and informative.

Another website worth taking a look at if you want to improve your computer skills or if you have trouble with seeing or hearing content online is This site shows you features on your computer that can make it easier to use.

If you’re feeling restless in retirement and want to use some of your work or professional skills, pass them on to someone else through mentoring. This site,, connects you with people who could benefit from your knowledge and experience.

And a great online destination for women is, which covers a spectrum of topics from a woman’s viewpoint, including games, health travel, money and beauty.

Know about other great websites? Share your suggestions with Mount Vernon Towers residents, so we can all enjoy a better online experience.

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