Social Well Being In Mt. Vernon Towers. How You Can Make Friends And Stay Connected.

Social Well Being In Mt. Vernon Towers. How You Can Make Friends And Stay Connected.

One great advantage to living in Mt. Vernon Towers is that it’s easy to connect with other people and make friends. Studies show that an active social life and interactions with other people can help seniors in many ways, from improving mood and health to providing ways to help others and have a sense of purpose.

Mt. Vernon Towers gives you plenty of options for keeping connected. These range from casual things you can do on your own, to more structured activities that introduce you to new people with similar interest.

Not sure how to start? Check out these possibilities.

Dining. Our restaurants are hot spots for social interaction, good conversation, and friendship. If you’re naturally outgoing, having a meal with us will probably mean you’ll meet new people right away. If you’re quieter, that’s OK. Some of our more friendly residents may reach out to you.

Outdoor spaces. There are almost always folks around the gazebo or pool. And if you have a dog, the dog park is an instant way to meet new people—after your pups say hello first, of course.

Planned activities. If you like movies or books or you regularly attend religious services, there are plenty of planned get togethers at Mount Vernon Towers. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Online. You can also connect with us and residents through our Facebook page. Check it out here.

And if you still feel like you’re having trouble connecting with people, just ask one of our staff for suggestions. We’ll happily look at what you like to do, and see if we can link you to people who share similar interests.

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