Falls: The Best Plans For Prevention and Response For Mt. Vernon Residents

Falls: The Best Plans For Prevention and Response For Mt. Vernon Residents

As we get older, falling becomes a bigger and bigger concern. So it’s important to look at ways to prevent falls, or should a fall occur, have a way to summon help.

A starting point, naturally, is to inspect your home for situations or conditions that could create a fall. Look for furniture that might be in natural walking paths, or rugs that might cause you to trip. In the bathroom, see if there are floor surfaces that could be treacherous if wet, and to see if you have handholds to steady yourself around the shower or tub.

In the kitchen, make sure it’s easy to move food from the stove or refrigerator without worrying about getting burned or dropping things. Be aware of utensils you may use regularly and make sure they’re within easy reach.

Walk through your home, visualizing your daily routine. Look for anything that could be an obstruction and clear it. Then you can feel more confident that falls are less likely.

But what if a fall should occur? Do you have a way of summoning help? There are numerous alert systems on the market that you can use in your home to request emergency help. Some are designed to travel with you wherever you may go, so you can call for help anywhere.

There are even some cellphone apps that can provide assistance, but many experts caution against relying on those since most people don’t have their phones with them at all times.

One of the best articles on alert systems and the pros and cons of each is in Consumer Reports. Here’s a link.

And if you have other questions, ask our staff. They’re familiar with a number of alert systems, and can tell you about other residents’ experiences.

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