Aging In Place At Mount Vernon Towers: How To Plan For It

Aging In Place At Mount Vernon Towers: How To Plan For It

Many of our residents come to Mount Vernon Towers with the plan of living the rest of their lives here, even if they expect to live for many more years.

It’s very common, in fact.

That’s because Mount Vernon Towers is a community that was build with seniors’ changing living needs in mind. Even if you’re living completely independently now, you can continue to do so at Mount Vernon Towers.

While not an assisted living facility, Mount Vernon Towers makes it easy to bring in nursing care through personal hire or hospice. Our residents can age in place by bringing in skilled help to assist in daily living needs beyond what Mount Vernon Towers offers. This can include bathing, nursing care, or other specialized tasks.

You continue living in your own home, with the comforts and your possessions. Many medical professionals and therapists visit patients here, and we can arrange transportation to your physicians as needed.

Should you need short-term post surgical care or other long-term care, our Personal Care Center (PCC) has the facilities on site to provide those.  If you need to, you can stay in the PCC as long as deemed appropriate by your primary care physician, as long as you can participate in daily living activities (dressing, eating and mobility), and are able to communicate your needs and wishes.

For many of our residents, this provides a high quality of life for a long time.

If you or your family would like to know more about aging in place at Mount Vernon Towers, simply ask one of staff members. We can provide literature that covers programs in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

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