Simple Care Plants And Flowers Ideal For Mt. Vernon Residents

Simple Care Plants And Flowers Ideal For Mt. Vernon Residents

Plants and flowers can brighten up your home at Mt. Vernon Towers, plus they have numerous health benefits. Plants help reduce stress and blood pressure. They can help improve mental performance. The contribute oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

But which are the best choices for older folks? Here are some suggestions that are easy to care for and can make your home more beautiful and pleasant.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a low maintenance succulent that seldom needs watering and thrives in sunny natural light. It also has healing properties. If you get a minor cut or burn, break off a leaf and use the fluid inside to soothe and prevent infection.

Peace Lilies

A favorite. With its broad green leaves and beautiful white flowers, a peace lily is a visual delight. It likes warm locations and lots of water. When it starts getting dry, a peace lily will signal it’s thirsty with drooping leaves.


Pretty and tasty. Once it takes hold, mint is difficult to kill (in fact, it can be aggressive; watch so it doesn’t jump out of its pot into those of other nearby plants), and it’s very attractive. It’s also a great garnish or a nice addition to a cool drink.

African Violets

Lots of flowers. African violets are constantly beautiful. They like softer light, so if you have a south-facing window, they’ll be very happy. Water them only when the soil is dry, and don’t get water on the leaves.

Spider Plants

The long thin leave of a spider plant are attractive and work especially well in hanging baskets. They also purify the air and make homes feel fresher. Spider plants like bright to medium light. Keep the consistently moist.

There are lots of other choices, and if you have a green thumb, you may find that a little household gardening is a fun hobby and a way to make your home in Mt. Vernon Towers an even more inviting place. And Mt. Vernon apartments offer plenty of space for items such as personal planters.

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