Independent Living and Assisted Living: Understanding The Difference

Independent Living and Assisted Living: Understanding The Difference

For seniors making changes in their living arrangements, it’s easy to get confused. Terms like “assisted living” and “independent living” can sound enticing, but what do they really mean?

Mt. Vernon Towers offers both Assisted Living and Independent Living options for its residents. Here’s how they differ—and what they have in common.

Independent Living

If you’re thinking about moving to a senior community, but can still function on your own, without help from others, then Independent Living is a good choice.

Independent Living communities give you easy access to dining, medical care, entertainment, and other activities with friends of similar age. You decide on what you want to do, come and go as you please, and take care of your home as you like. Should you want them, services such as cleaning, laundry, and meals can be purchased. But if you want to continue to handle tasks like these yourself, you have the ability to do so.

Assisted Living

If you have difficulty with daily activities, Assisted Living can help you live comfortably, enjoy life, and maintain much of your independence. You still have your independence, but you have regular help with cleaning, meals, laundry, personal care, medical assistance (like managing prescriptions) or other tasks. These services are often included in your rent or monthly fees, so they are accounted for in your budget. Without having to worry about these routine tasks, you are free to enjoy other amenities, such as activities, trips, and social events.

Many residents who come to Mt. Vernon Towers for independent living do so, because they know should they need assisted living services, they can easily obtain them, without having to move or make other big changes in their lifestyles.

Need more information to make a decision about independent or assisted living for yourself? Our staff has years of experience in helping residents make the best arrangements for their personal situations. Let them help you evaluate what you may need, and create a plan so you can get maximum comfort and enjoyment from your residency at Mt. Vernon Towers.

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