Six Ways Mt. Vernon Residents Can Save On A Senior Budget

Six Ways Mt. Vernon Residents Can Save On A Senior Budget

Saving money on a fixed income is challenging, especially when it seems things are becoming more expensive. But there are ways for seniors to save money, and see it add up each month.

Here are some things you can do:

The trick is to pay attention to details. Chances are, you’re not going to save big chunks of cash with one or two changes. But if you watch how you do several things, you’ll find that saving a little here and there adds up to quite a bit.

  1.  Use your senior discounts. There are plenty of them available, and thanks to the internet, they’re easier to find.  For one list, follow this link: It will show you what’s available at scores of restaurants, stores, and other locations across the country.

  2. Avoid late fees.  If you accidentally pay some bills a day or two late, it can be very costly. Three average late fees, for example, could be as much as $50 or $75. Make notes on your calendar as to when you need to pay bills so that you don’t get penalized.

  3. If you’re not using electrical devices, unplug them.  Even idle phones or TVs or computers can pull power, and over time, raise your electric bill.

  4. Don’t buy books and movies. You can get many on loan free at the library (Mt. Vernon can help with transportation), or you can often rent even new titles for just a couple of dollars. Plan a movie night with friends, each chip in a fraction of the rental fee, and enjoy.

  5. Look at annual payments rather than monthly. If you can afford to make an annual payment on subscriptions and some other services, you can take advantage of extra discounts—and often avoid the hassle of monthly payments.

  6. Reduce trips to the store. If you can go once a week rather than multiple times, you often find you save money by planning meals better. You may also find you can buddy up with friends and buy some things in larger quantities (divide them when you get home) to save even more.

Got other ways that you save money that you’d like to share? Tell us your strategies and we’ll pass them along to other residents.

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