Five More Ways For Mt. Vernon Residents To Save On A Senior Budget

Five More Ways For Mt. Vernon Residents To Save On A Senior Budget

It’s always a challenge to save money on a fixed income. But there are things you can do, some small, some larger, to make things add up. Recently, we gave you six ways to save. Here are five more good ideas.

  1. Team Up on Essentials. There are basics that every household needs. For seniors, these can be more expensive because you typically buy in smaller quantities. So team up with friends or family. Buy basic items like paper goods, cleaners, and food staples in bulk, then divide them up. You’ll get what you need, but at a reduced price.

  2. Assess Your Purchases Once A Quarter. Four times a year, take a look at your regular monthly purchases. Are they all things you still use? Are you paying for something you don’t realize? These regular looks at where your money goes can pay off.

  3. Budget Your Impulses. Face it. None of us will ever eliminate all “impulse” purchases like a fancy cup of coffee or a new gadget. And life wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t get to indulge once in a while. But set a budget for your impulse buys. That way, you won’t overspend, and you’ll typically pick the things that give you the most guilty pleasure.

  4. Save On Shipping. Lots of online merchants offer free shipping on items. If these are things you regularly buy, compare prices. Will it be cheaper to have something delivered to your door than to drive to the store to buy it? Will you save time or money that lets you do other things?

  5. Use Mt. Vernon’s resources. We over a variety of programs, access to transportation, and other services that can save you time and money. We’ll be happy to go over them with you and see which ones may be useful. Just drop by and visit a few minutes.
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