Ten Fun Memory Boosters For Mt. Vernon Residents

Ten Fun Memory Boosters For Mt. Vernon Residents

Most of us struggle with at least some memory issues as we get older. But there are a number of simple—and fun—things you can do to boost your memory and recall abilities. Here are some suggestions. Try a few and see which ones work the best for you.

1. Play a musical instrument, or join a singing group. Music requires discipline and it provides you with a complicated challenge. This is great for memory.

2.  Use your head as your calculator. Try doing simple math problems in your head, rather than using a pencil or electronic device. Better yet, try doing them while walking or exercising.

3.  New words—in English or another language. Words stimulate your mind, and having a new “Word of The Day” calendar can be a simple way to boost memory.  Better yet, try learning a new language.

4. And play with “word pictures.” Visualize how a word is spelled in your head. Then try to remember other words that begin or end with the same letters. Once you’re good at that, try words that begin or end with the same two letters.

5. See what’s cooking. A cooking class stimulates multiple senses, which in turn energize different parts of the brain.

6.  Play a recall game. Write down a list (a to-do list, groceries, anything) and memorize it. Wait an hour, and then see how many items on the list you can recall.

7. Think about places you’ve visited—both local and distant. Then draw a map from your memories on how to get there. Think about the area and expand your map.

8. Pick up a new hobby, especially one that requires concentration and hand-eye coordination. This stimulates your mind. Knitting, coloring, drawing, painting—even working a puzzle—all provide the stimulus to get your brain revved up.

9. Take up a new sport. Golf, tennis, dance, or yoga are good. Check our event calendar and local center calendars for some possibilities.

10.  Taste your way to a better brain. As you enjoy a meal, try to identify all the ingredients in the dish—especially spices.

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