Transitioning To Senior Living: Helping Mom And/Or Dad

Transitioning To Senior Living: Helping Mom And/Or Dad

Change is always frightening, especially for many older people. So it’s natural that transitioning to senior living can be difficult. There are new routines to learn, new rules in many cases, and a sense of loss if the transition is required for a health reason.  Your parent may feel as if he or she is giving up independence.

But there are things to you can do to help overcome these issues. Here are some tips:


  1. Stress the choices and options your parent still has. At Mt. Vernon, our residents have plenty of independence and can make their own decisions in most cases. We provide assistance and care when necessary, but residents have many choices. Help your parent understand these—and let them make their own choices when possible.
  2. Bring items from your parents’ previous home. Typically, you have to downsize in a move, but there are still many items that could come along—photo albums, favorite decorations, kitchen gadgets, and other things that help your parent understand that a previous life is not being completely left behind.
  3. Encourage involvement in the new community. For socially-inclined seniors who’ve found themselves homebound at an old residence, a new community can help them thrive. So suggest new activities—particularly ones that a parent may not have had access to before. These can make a transition much easier.
  4. A parent may also want to help out in a new community, helping with events or gardening or other work. This can help people feel useful and like they’re contributing to their community. That creates a bond.


The staff at Mt. Vernon can assist you in helping your parent transition into our community. Stop by and we’ll show you a number of things we can do together to make your parent feel at home here.

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