Plan For Indoors: Winter Activities To Keep You Moving

Plan For Indoors: Winter Activities To Keep You Moving


One challenge of the winter months is maintaining activities and exercise habits. The cold weather makes us all want to “hunker down” and stay inside where it’s warm. Often, that means less activity, which can lead to weight gain, more trouble with arthritis, and other concerns.

So how do you stay active when it’s too cold to get out? Mt. Vernon offers a number of activities for health and wellness through the Dorothy C. Benson Center, including aquatics and bowling. And we provide a number of transportation options (including weekly trips) so you can get exercise. Check our website for schedules and other ideas.

You can practice some things in your own home, too, that can help with your physical fitness.

Turn your daily household chores into an exercise routine. Think of cleaning as a routine—what could you do daily that would let you add a few extra steps or stretches while keeping your home looking good.

There are also simple exercise routines you can do at home without extra equipment. For example the Evolo Electric Bicycle folks have an online guide to exercises for seniors that you can do with a chair and a set of stairs. If you’d like to do more with exercise equipment or bicycles (maybe when the weather gets warm again), there are more strenuous exercises, too.

Check out the guide for senior exercise here.

And with a little online research, you can find many more suggestions. In fact, you might even create a routine of researching new online exercises and trying them out. (Check with your doctor before doing anything too radical.) You’ll find yourself moving more with your experiments.

For more ideas, ask our staff for suggestions and other ways to be involved in the Mt. Vernon community. You’ll stay warm and stay moving. Which is the real goal during these cold winter months.

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