Mt. Vernon In Motion: How You Can Get Transportation When You Need It

Mt. Vernon In Motion: How You Can Get Transportation When You Need It

Many of our residents still drive, but for some, it can be a chore to find transportation to a doctor’s office, for shopping, or for entertainment (especially at night, when it’s even more challenging for seniors to drive).

But there are a number of solutions to the transportation obstacle. Mt. Vernon Towers offers a ride service for its residents.  Here’s how it works:


  1. If you need a ride call or come to the front desk. You can schedule a ride as far as a week out.  
  2. You will pay the price of the ride on your monthly bill. The price of the ride will depend on the time of day and distant you’re going.  
  3. When you are finished at your destination, call the front desk and they will send a driver to your location to pick you up.


It’s as simple as that. And if you need more flexibility in getting around, take a look at the website GoGoGrandparent allows older adults to utilize on demand transportation companies like Lyft while keeping family and loved ones notified.  You don’t have to have a smartphone or a complicated app to schedule a ride. All you need to do is call (855) 464-6872, and press 1 if you want a ride from your home, or you can press 6 to order a ride from an operator. You can schedule regular doctor’s appointment times and other regular trips.

Our goal, as always, is to make living at Mt. Vernon Towers as convenient as possible.

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