The Power of Pets for Your Health

The Power of Pets for Your Health

Mount Vernon Living is pet-friendly. There are good reasons for this.

Most of us are pet people to begin with, and we delight in seeing our residents and their pets. But we also know that pets have been proven to help people reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction, and get more exercise.

All of these are great benefits for people as they age. But pets may not be for everyone. And it’s also important to choose the right pet for your lifestyle. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Consider how much care will be needed for your pet. Dogs, especially more active ones, require daily walks (and we have a dog park). If you’re trying to stay active yourself, then you and your pooch can enjoy daily adventures and exercise together. But if you have physical limitations, you may be better matched to a small dog that can be paper trained, or a cat.  
  2. Consider the cost. Pets can be pricey when it comes to food and vet care. Larger animals often cost more. A new puppy may cost over $800 in the first year. A fish, on the other hand, would be much, much less. 
  3. Consider your pet’s age. Young animals will be more energetic, while older ones tend to settle. Do you want to watch an active animal at play? Or would you prefer a companion that will relax next to you for a good part of the day? 

And great pets don’t have to be purebreds. Many of our most loveable companions are rescues from shelters. If you’d like to know more about where to find rescue animals, check in with the office. We’ll be happy to share some local resources—and perhaps connect you with a new friend.

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